Why PCEverywhere?

PCEverywhere has many years experience of bringing on-site computer services to you.
PCE’s broad range of PC knowledge, home/office networking and onsite repair services simplify the world of computers, internet and the digital age.

What PCE offers to you:

Settng up your new computer:
If you’ve just purchased a new computer, we can help you get it up and running.

Set up a home/office network:
Simply connecting two or more computers (PC or Mac) with a wired or wireless network can help you achieve much more. Also saves on the cost of multiple printers etc.

Set up my new computer & transfer old documents and photos:
If you’ve purchased a new computer, we can pick up, update all software to the latest versions, deliver to you, unpack your computer and get it ready to use. We can backup all your previos data, transfer to new system, install peripherals (printers, scanners etc) and applications.

Set up my new computer & show me how:
If you’ve just purchased a new computer, (or just thinking of getting any new computer items) we will help you all along the way. Whilst onsite we bill by the hour, in the time we achieve lots but we will also spend an time with you giving you a better understanding of whats going on and show you how to use the features of your new computer.